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45 North Main Street
Marlborough, CT 06447
Att: Sheri Spaulding

Tel:  (860)716-9576




She-She's Finds

She-She's Finds has a great selection of antiques

She-She’s Finds offers antique and vintage items found at estate sales, auctions and flea markets. Most of my “picking” is done here in Connecticut but I also acquire items when traveling, particularly in Florida and Maine. My free time is spent picking up unique odds and ends, cleaning them up and passing them on to shoppers. I find satisfaction in reusing older and discarded items, shining up forgotten antiques, repainting old wooden pieces so that they are desirable again, etc. I don’t specialize in any one area but my favorites are wooden crates and boxes, interesting pieces that bring about conversation and items that are just plain pretty to look at. I have some Hull Art pieces, cast iron cookware, local antiques, china platters, copper ware, vintage glassware, costume jewelry, old tools, vintage furniture and more. Please come visit She-She’s Finds at the Shops at Marlborough Barn!

She-She's Finds has a great selection of antiques She-She's Finds has a great selection of antiques